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Flexible Rehearsal Rooms in Skelmersdale

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Good rehearsal rooms are essential. Prior preparation prevents poor performance! Rehearsing a band can be a difficult at the best of times. getting everyone together at the same time, finding a space where you wont be disturbed, moving huge amounts of equipment etc etc... Next Step Studios began as a private rehearsal room as a response to these problems and more. Now we offer flexible rehearsal rooms to everyone.


Flexible Rehearsal Rooms


You can book rehearsal space with us from a couple of hours to a whole day. If you are coming on a regular basis you can even become a registered key holder. You can store your equipment with us, make use of our PA system, amps and instruments without any mounting charges. Just book your slot turn up and get your act together.


Whats in the room? 


Our Rehearsal Room is fitted out out with 2000W PA with a 16 channel desk featuring built-in compression and effects. The Mapex M series drum kit is a proven work horse, 20" bass drum 10",12",14" fusion size toms and 14" snare drum give you the flexibility to play just about any style of music you like. Of course you can bring your own kit if you prefer. Microphones, mic stand and Bass amps are also available.* 


If you want to keep coming back without loading and un-loading the car your welcome to keep your kit here with us. We are a community built on trust and most people who store equipment with us just leave it in the room. However if you want a little extra security while you get to know us lockable cabinets are available. Equipment is fully insured and 24 hour  web monitored CCTV is keeping an eye on everything. 


If your staying for a while you might want a snack, you can use the refrigerated vending machines or help yourself to the drinks and snacks in the room. Just pop your payment in the honesty box, we trust you! 





*Note: Please be aware due to continued breakages we do not supply Cymbals & Hi-Hats or Guitar Amplifiers.  


Start making the most of your time!