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How we got here.

The phone rang around midnight, Keith gave me the bad news and I set out for my little studio. I arrived in the woodland hideaway hopeful but apprehensive, the closer I got the more the destruction was revealed. Broken glass, doors ripped from their hinges, imagine seeing what was left of your most prized possessions, mangled and scattered about the ground. I was devastated! That was 5 years ago. Determined to create an opportunity from my misfortune I set up a new studio, nestled it snuggly into the repetitive and gloomy Gillibrands industrial estate and together with the support of family and friends brought forth a burst of colour, excitement and creativity.

Music sets the mood to the movie of your life. From the moment you arrive at Next Step Studios we make you the composer. The studio is bright and clean, the smell of fresh coffee pricks your senses and the warm welcome sets you free to explore your own creativity.

We don’t teach, we enable learning! We don’t provide rehearsal space we facilitate discovery!

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